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Books have long been held as one of the most important items inside any home. This stands to reason as they can also be some of the most valuable items inside any home. However, you must take the time too understand that a place to store the books properly is always needed. There is due care that should be taken when storing books to ensure that they are staying in the condition that they deserve. Of course one should never take the time to over look the fact that the book cases that you use can be just as valuable.

There have been book cases around since there were books, and that is a long time to be sure. This is the reason why they are so important to a good many people. The main issue is the size. You will want to make sure that you are displaying the books in the method they were intended, which is standing up with the spine facing out.

But you also have to consider how many books you have and how many you intend to add to the collection over the years. So for that you will need to make some hard choices. In most cases it is best to make a purchase of book cases that will house about twice as many books as you currently own. There is no reason why the extra space could not be filled up with other things, such as collectibles and so on. Then when you make a purchase of more books you will have the space to place them.

The best places to look for real wood book cases is at auction. The auctions where they are liquidating an estate of a very large home will be a prime area. You should also be on the lookout for the places like schools that are closing down or perhaps law offices that are being sold. These areas will give you the best chance to find some of the finest in book cases and shelves that you could possibly imagine.

Make sure that you get your bid in before the many antique and used furniture dealers do. They will drive the price very high if they are given the chance. Make the play early with a high bid and you will most likely get most of them to drop out without a problem. Make sure that you have a truck standing by as most of the older style of bookcases come in one large section and can be hard to handle in a small vehicle.



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