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Outdoor furniture has been a big thing since the early days of the country. People have long wanted a place to sit outside and enjoy nature without having to sit on the ground. For this reason the garden or patio furniture has been popular for hundreds of years and has taken on a good many faces. The changes that have come about most often deal with the materials that are being used and the people who will be using them.

There is a school of thought that garden furniture should be more durable then that of its inside cousins. That would only make sense, after all, it needs to stand up to the elements that are in force outside in the weather. So for this reason there has been garden furniture that has been made of things such as wrought iron for a long time.

Now, in the old days people did not know that iron could not withstand the elements as science was not there yet. Over time the iron would rust and eventually fall apart. All they knew was the fact that the iron stood longer then wood and that made them happy. As time moved on the furniture makers started making things with other less harsh metals. Aluminum came into being and people were more than happy. This metal, which contained no iron, did not rust and could stand the outside forces and it quickly became the most wise choice for outdoor or garden furniture.

Over the years many companies have tried to make furniture that would stand up to the forces once again. Steel was used for a time and many people started to switch until they found that it would rust and become unusable in less time than the iron versions. The patio furniture of this day and age is most likely going to be made from aluminum that is then made stronger with a copper alloy added in. The main down fall of aluminum is the fact that it was a very soft metal, but when you add the copper to it the strength increases many times over.

Newer versions have come out in wood. There have been many innovations in the protecting of wood to the elements and these have been employed for wood garden furniture with a measured amount of success. The new wood garden furniture can stand up for about ten years which is much longer than in previous years.


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