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There are many families in the world that are seeking ways to make sure that the furniture that they have spent so much money on will last through the rigors of having children. This stands to reason as the furniture for an entire home can be one of the most costly purchases next to the home itself. So how does one make sure that the furniture stands the test of time? Well one must learn the methods for child proofing the furniture in order to protect it.

While it may not be intentional, children can be very destructive. As they grow they become more curious as to what is going on around them. Touching and such becomes second nature to them and it is nothing short of disaster if they touch something with sticky and messy fingers. Fabric on furniture can be very difficult to keep clean, even if you have no children. There are however, some things that you can do too make sure that it starts to resist the stains that will come with it.

Applying a coat of guard to the furniture is one of the safest methods. These chemicals are known to help seal the furniture and prevent the fabric from absorbing the stain producing liquids and dirt. Most often you can find this treatment at any hardware store and it should be applied and then left to dry for about twenty four hours before the furniture is used.

For the sofa and the cushions you should look into tacking down the cushions. Children will love to take the cushions and run off with them. This can be for building forts or what have you. This will also cause a lot of damage to the seams. Have a person that has some skill with the needle and thread to make tack points on the cushions that will prevent them from being removed. Do make sure though that the cushions can be lifted like a hinge so you can clean beneath them.

Scuff feet on chairs and such will prevent damage to the chair and to the floor. These rubber feet are inexpensive and can be purchased at most hardware and discount stores. They provide a barrier against the chair being slid across the floor where the feet can be broken and the floors scuffed at the same time.

Follow these steps to make sure that the furniture that you own can stand the test of time and children in your home.


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