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Contact: Nigel Holmes, Consultant Engineer AMIMI, Barnstaple and North Devon, Tel: 0777 330184 E: W:


IVE InspectionsVehicle Inspections by IVE Inspections

Rates Within Covered Areas.

Basic Peace of Mind...£65 (Click for details)

Comprehensive (Click for details)
UP TO 1400cc.......£85
1400 – 1900cc......£95
1901 – 2500cc.....£105
Over 2500cc.......£120

Note all 4x4 + £20
Vans (All)........£100 (Click for details)
Motor Homes (All).£100 (Click for details)
Classic, Vintage, American, Performance and Prestige £150
Enginners – Warranty - Insurance Reports £95 (Click for details)

Please Contact for Price Outside Covered Areas


We will cross-reference the registration, engine and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to the documentation and any window etchings, look for alterations and inconsistencies. We will look at service history, MOT, V5, Insurance documents and any warranties.

We check the operation of the controls. Cosmetic faults on the trim will be indicated. We look underneath seat covers. Lift mats and if possible the carpet. We check the boot area and condition, lift carpet check spare wheel and look for fresh paint and repairs. We will note any indications that the vehicle has covered a different mileage than is indicated: for example seatbelt operation and interior condition.

We check engine oil level and colour and look for leaks, the oil filler cap condition and deposits. Water is checked for levels, colour and leaks. We check the tension and condition of the various drive belts. Also condition of hoses, engine security, leaks, noises and smoke from any area of the engine or component. Examine under bonnet area for fresh paint, new panels, uneven panels and any visible suspension components.

The system will be checked for damage and corrosion. Any broken or missing mountings will be noted. Leaks, noise, excessive smoke and colour of smoke will be noted. An emissions test is excluded

We look for obvious damage. Poor colour matches and panel gaps, security and trim then indicate any non-professional repairs. Proper operation of the door locks. On convertibles we look at the condition and check operation of the hood and security of hardtops. We note any damage to the windscreen especially where it would fail an MOT.

Fuel system for leaks and overall condition.

Lights & wipers
We check the condition and operation of the stop, indicators, hazards, rear fog and numberplate lights plus reflectors. We will check that all the wipers work and note the condition of the blades.

Apart from visual checks for security and leaks, the majority of tests are carried out on the road test..

Security and condition of the whole steering system. Check bearings for wear, and any bolts, couplings and joints. Steering rack/box security and any play in the system is noted. Any fouling of the car's structure or the suspension/braking systems will be noted. Check wheel bearings for wear. Inspect bushes, gaiters, driveshafts and Constant Velocity rubber boots. Examine suspension components for condition including springs and shock absorbers. All corrosion will be reported especially where it would cause an MOT failure in a structural area.

Master cylinder and servo checked for leaks. Flexible brake pipes checked for corrosion, condition, breakages and leaks. Discs/drums checked. Linkages and cables checked on the hand brake.

Wheels & tyres
Legality of the tread. Condition of the tyres for cuts, bulges or other damage. Check tyre valves and note the tread patterns. Check to see if the tyres foul any part of the suspension or bodywork. We inspect the spare wheel as part of the interior checks and examine the wheels for distortion, cracks and note any missing nuts or studs and check their security.

Road test
Warning light operation. Ease of starting. Idle behaviour. Noises. Steering for noise/judders. Manual Gearbox- ease of engagement, noise, free play in the lever, bearing noise. Clutch operation. Automatic Gearbox quality of the changes and performance. Brake operation. Steering operation. Suspension performance over various road conditions. Note will be made about smoke from the exhaust and noises from the engine. After the drive checks will be made for leaks.


Contact: Nigel Holmes, Consultant Engineer AMIMI, Barnstaple and North Devon, Tel: 0777 330184 E: W:

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