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Address: Philip Milton, North Devon Conservative Association, The Strand, Barnstaple EX31 1EU Phone: 01271 343101 or W: E:


Braunton Traffic

Braunton Traffic

Planners and County Councillors have known for sometime that Barnstaple is going to have a new bridge. It has also been known for sometime that Braunton has some awful traffic problems, particularly in the summer but not exclusively.

Four years ago I completed some informal drawings of some basic proposals to try to kick-start some thoughts. I received a courteous acknowledgement from Highways Department and the “Journal” was kind enough to print my suggestions with a little diagram.

However, guess what! Nothing whatsoever has happened to ease things at all. Instead, the months have slipped by and the years have passed and our wonderful new Bridge has opened in Barnstaple and yet nothing has happened in Braunton. Well actually, that is not totally true because traffic calming measures have been introduced on South Street and in Church Street but, of course, this has meant that the problems on the main thoroughfare have become even worse and that locals using the back streets to avoid the traffic are finding it even more difficult than before.

Before long, a serious accident will happen because people will take risks if they become more and more frustrated. The Bridge will have increased the traffic into Braunton even if just one resident in Bideford decides to come to Croyde because it is now easier to get there. Instead, we are told that there are going to be additional pedestrian crossings such as for the safety of Caen Street School but already, pedestrians in Braunton seem to cross anywhere they want, including the very busy crossroads (and I cannot see a solution to that either).

It would be totally wrong if it takes a nasty accident to make Planners sit up and take action. I hope that they will move before that occurs hence why it is imperative to petition them now. Even this August the Ambulance had to rush through on the pavement because of congestion!

So, with the help of the Journal what am I trying to do? All I am striving to do is to make sure that action takes place sooner rather than later. Some very simple things could be done immediately (and could have been done four years ago when I wrote). We do not need a full traffic survey for some easy changes to take place to make everyone’s lives a little better and safer immediately. We also need to know that Highways are reviewing plans and considering taking action. Synchronising the traffic lights and the main pedestrian crossings would make eminent sense, for example.

If you agree that it is a mess and that action is well overdue then please register your details upon my petition and I shall press for early action to make sure that we do not suffer for any longer than is absolutely necessary. Obviously, it is far too late for this summer already.

If you have any particular ideas which you think could work (such as using the “road to nowhere” and First Field Lane?) then you can log these too. Certainly, I do not have exclusive ownership of all the best ideas and even some of my thoughts might not work logistically but then I am not a road engineer - just somebody with a little common sense!

Far too often, from Barnstaple the traffic is queued back as far as Wrafton and sometimes even as far as Chivenor and beyond. Coming into Braunton from Ilfracombe, sometimes the traffic is back as far as Knowle and for Croyde, with the busy time from the beach, the traffic is well past Saunton Park.

How To Register Your Support For Action

The easiest and most effective way is to leave your details on my website. All the names will be collated and forwarded with an appropriate protest so let us see what we can do together!


Address: Philip Milton, North Devon Conservative Association, The Strand, Barnstaple EX31 1EU Phone: 01271 343101 or W: E:


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