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Buying Guide for Lighting

We sell hundreds of different types of lighting so we’ve put this guide together to help you choose what’s right for you

• Hallways & Staircases
• Kitchen
• Bathroom
• Dining Room
• Living Room
• Bedroom
• Kids Bedrooms
• Shades
• Bulb Types
Hallways & Staircases

• Choose brighter lighting for safety reasons
• Directional ceiling spotlights are good for bouncing light of walls to give the illusion of brighter light
• If you ceiling is low choose wall lighting to use up less valuable overhead space
• Keep stairs well lit by using a pendant light at the top of the staircase
• Spotlights at the top of the stairs can create shadow therefore making each individual stair more visible
• Use dimmer switches so you can control / choose the level of brightness
• Use energy saving light bulbs in areas that are used frequently


• Lighting should be functional and directional therefore spotlights are ideal
• Use ceiling fittings that can be adjusted to direct light onto the surface you are working on
• Directional lighting can also be used to highlight a breakfast bar or a picture or feature on the wall
• For safety avoid using floor based lamps that may have trailing wires


• Safety is priority due to the presence of water
• Use a ceiling fitting that can be operated with a pull cord
• Do not choose fittings made from fabric or wood as these will deteriorate in the moist environment

Dining Room

• You need to create the right mood for the occasion so dimmer switches are ideal
• A combination for floor ceiling and wall lighting can create an ambient environment for entertaining
• We sell matching ceiling floor and wall lights so you can create an attractive overall look
• A ceiling light will provide a good focal point over your dining table
• Directional spotlights can be used to highlight pictures or features on your wall

Living Room

• A combination of floor ceiling and wall lights means you can light your room for different activities, reading, watching TV or just relaxing
• We sell matching ceiling floor and wall lights so you can create an attractive overall look
• Shades and uplighters can be used to direct the light where you need it most and different strength bulbs can be used in different areas
• Directional spotlights can be used to highlight pictures or features on the wall or


• We stock a wide range of beside lamps ideal for reading in bed
• Directional spotlights can be used to highlight pictures or features on the wall or
• Ceiling lights can make an attractive focal point

Kids Bedrooms

• We sell a range of fun and funky kids lighting for boys and girls bed rooms
• Use ceiling lighting for general play
• Directional or task lighting should be used if kids are doing homework in their room, reading or using the computer


• Shades are essential to cover unattractive bulbs and defuse the light into your room
• Shades stop the glare of a naked light bulb
• We sell 85 different styles of light shade both modern and traditional designs

Bulb Types

Different bulbs serve different purposes so consideration is needed when purchasing. We sell the following bulbs

• Energy saving bulbs – see each type for wattage and energy saving rating
• Candle bulbs – for a more subtle effect, ideal for table lamps
• Classic 100 watt – for everyday use
• Halopar Bulbs – halogen bulbs with a UV filter
• Delux El Vario – with two stage dimming using a normal light switch
• Halogen bulbs – halogen provides a brighter, whiter light than a normal bulb. Ideal for general, task and occasional lighting


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