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Click here for some handy Pet Guides..... How to choose a Kitten | How to Groom a Cat | How to give a Cat a Tablet | How to Give a Dog a Tablet | How to Groom a Dog | Dog Grooming Tips | How to Prevent Fleas | Feeding Advice for Older Dogs


In Food Ask your vet to prescribe a palatable tablet, which can be crushed and mixed with the food. If your dog is sly about avoiding the tablet in the food bowl crush the tablet into powder, mix it with something sticky like butter or cream cheese, and disguise it with a small part of your dog's dinner. Only feed him the rest when he has eaten the tablet.

Into the mouth Get your dog to sit quietly and don't let it get stressed or excited. Open the mouth wide with one hand and with the other put the tablet right to the back of the tongue. Then shut the mouth and hold the dog's mouth closed with its head up slightly up and wait until you see it swallow. If the tablet slips to one side or doesn't get far back the your dog will easily spit it out.

If your dog is naughty, hold the dog between your legs with your knees behind its shoulders so that it cannot escape or get a second person to restrain the dog for you. Small dogs can be wrapped in a blanket to stop them wriggling. Most vets also sell pill poppers, which make it easier to pop the tablet to the back of the mouth.

Once your dog has taken the tablet always remember to give it lost of praise and even a food treat. That way it will learn to associate medication with reward.


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