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George R Tossell, 13 Colombelles Cl, Fremington Tel: 01271 324080
Gerald Thorne,
7 Deptford Villas, Sticklepath Tel: 01271 345054
Michael Branch,
5 Hopperstyle, Bickington Tel: 01271 346364
Paul Fletcher,
3 Chilpark, Fremington Tel: 01271 372354


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Using tools properly.

Bristles/hairs coming out of brushes during use
This is common in new brushes especially cheap ones. To get a hair out of the paint turn the brush sideways and, using the narrow side, pick up the hair lightly with the bristles of the brush.

Folding Glasspaper
The best way to fold sandpaper, if you are not using a sanding block, is to cut a sheet in half and then fold each piece in three so that the abrasive sides are not in contact.

Glasspaper cracking when folded
If glasspaper(sandpaper) is kept in a very warm room or close to heat, it can become very dry and brittle causing it to crack when folded. Solve this by dampening the back(smooth side) of the sheet with a sponge.

Paint running down the handle of the brush
You are putting to much paint on the brush. Load the brush lightly and then tap the bristles against the side if your paint container removing the excess before you start to paint. Also caused by over-thinning the paint. Always apply paint (except for primers and mist-coats) as thick as you feel comfortable working with.

Keeping rollers soft overnight
Wrap the roller tightly in a plastic bag, ensuring no air can reach it; this will exclude the need to wash out the roller if you need to use it again in the same paint later.

Brushes drying out while in use
Sometimes when using different size brushes for a job, one size may not be needed often and may tend to harden , even if left for only a short time, especially in hot weather; use some clingfilm or tinfoil to keep the brush soft whilst not using it.


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