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Click here for Painting and Decorating Tips and Advice: Tools, Troubleshooting, Wallpapering, Working with Tools and Painting FAQ's...


Paperhanging Solutions to common problems

Border won't stay on
This happens when you try to affix a border to vinyl or plastic coated wallcoverings using a normal paste. Use a proprietary Border Adhesive to ensure your border sticks properly.

Joints show especially when viewed from a distance even though paper has been hung perfectly
In papers of a single solid colour sometimes the ink is very slightly lighter on one side than the other and this will only become apparent after the paper is up and dry. It is seldom noticeable on the roll. The solution is to reverse each alternate length before pasting.

Joints show when paper is dry
Oversoaking the wallpaper causes it to expand. It will then shrink back when dry causing spaces between the joints. Follow the hanging instructions carefully especially as regards soaking times as there is a wide diversity in wallcoverings.

Dry edges of joints sticking up
Lift edge carefully with a blunt knife or filling knife; hold dry edge up with knife and using a small brush apply paste to the back of the paper and to the wall surface; leave to soak for two minutes and press back and smooth with a seam roller.

Paper comes up in bubbles all over
Usually caused by not letting the paper soak long enough. Small bubbles will usually go back down if left alone; large bubbles should be softly brushed out as much as possible. Where large bubbles are in the middle of a strip they can be pierced with a sharp needle and the air carefully forced out using your fingers to flatten the paper down. If the paper has dried and there are blisters, use a sharp craft knife and cut through the blister in an X. Peel back the paper carefully and apply paste to the wall and to the backs of the paper flaps; leave to soak for a short time(1 to 3 minutes) and press back into place; smooth out with a seam roller; wipe with a clean, damp sponge to prevent paste stains on the face of the wallpaper. An alternative cure is to inject the blister with paste using a hypodermic styringe; leave to soak for a few minutes and press back carefully using your fingers.,
Ready-pasted paper; some bits not stuck down and you didn't buy any paste.
Soak a scrap piece of paper for about two minutes and the paste can be scraped off the back with a blunt knife. This paste is very strong and will even stick down overlaps on vinyl.

Shiny patches/stains showing on wallpaper especially at joints
Caused by getting paste on the face of the paper. Keep a sponge and bucket of clean water near when paperhanging and carefully wipe off paste from the surface of the paper after you hang each drop.
Sloping ceiling; paper pattern always runs out

If you have a sloping ceiling it is better to buy a very small-patterned paper which will make the ceiling line unnoticeable. If you must use a border then choose a flowery or abstract type pattern, avoid using ones with sharp straight lines. On a slightly sloping ceiling a patterned paper can be forced to keep to the ceiling line but it becomes increasingly difficult to hang on long walls and is not advised for the amateur decorator.


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