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George R Tossell, 13 Colombelles Cl, Fremington Tel: 01271 324080
Gerald Thorne,
7 Deptford Villas, Sticklepath Tel: 01271 345054
Michael Branch,
5 Hopperstyle, Bickington Tel: 01271 346364
Paul Fletcher,
3 Chilpark, Fremington Tel: 01271 372354


Click here for Painting and Decorating Tips and Advice: Tools, Troubleshooting, Wallpapering, Working with Tools and Painting FAQ's...


Decorative Effects and Colours

How easy are decorative effects for a beginner ?
How can I avoid getting an uneven colour finish when painting ?
I want to paint my room in brighter colours. How can I make sure I get the right colour harmony ?

Technical Paint Questions

Can you explain why the colour in the paint can is not the same when it dries out on the walls ?
My white painted radiator has a yellow tinge after six months, how can I avoid this in future ?
We have recently bought a 60’s property in need of re-decoration. Can I use a water-based paint over areas previously painted with solvent-based paint ?
I’m painting my son’s bedroom next weekend. We would like to know what paint would be safe enough to use so he can use his room soon after the job is complete ?
What is the difference between a transparent and opaque stain ?
What is the difference between wash and scrub resistance ?
My bathroom had a severe damp problem which required a major renovation job. Thankfully the surface has been rendered and re-plastered. How should I paint on fresh plaster ?
What is the difference between a paint and a stain ?

What Paint Should I Use ?

How can I recognise a good quality interior paint from the wide choice available in a retail store ?
Is it worth paying more for a kitchen and bathroom paint ?
I have paint peeling off the window frames. Which paint would you suggest to avoid re-painting frequently ?
I have a masonry wall which is looking dirty. I intend to repaint this but want a product that will last a long time. Which product would be most suitable ?
I recently painted my hallway in a dark green colour, however it feels gloomy and I’m looking to paint it in a fresh yellow. To save time, I’m considering a one coat paint product. Do one-coat products work over dark surfaces ?

Special Paint Applications

I´m a heavy smoker and have seen a special nicotine paint being offered. Do you think the extra money is well spent ?
Which paint product provides the best long-term protection against weathering ?
I hear mixed comments on the need for primers. When and why is using a primer important ?
I completed my paint job and have some leftover paint. How should I dispose of this ?
How long can I keep paint once the can has been opened ?
When do I use a natural bristle brush, as opposed to a synthetic bristle brush ?
I moved into an old property last year and need to renovate before decorating. How should I tackle the issue of old lead based paint surfaces ?


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