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There can be nothing worse than travelling for miles on a camping trip only to find that when you reach your destination you’ve forgotten a vital piece of kit. Planning is the key to any successful camping expedition and it’s important that you draw up a checklist of things that you’ll need (or want) to take with you.
Of course, there are many variables that will make one person’s checklist different from somebody else’s and even your own checklist will have to be altered from time to time based upon a number of factors which could include things like the length of time you’re going to be away, the climate, the terrain, the number of people in your party, whether you’re carrying everything on your back or in a car etc.
Therefore, there is no definitive checklist that will cover all eventualities. However, here is an example of a camping checklist which covers most of the basic essentials and it will enable you to get a feel for the kinds of things you need to bear in mind whenever you decide to go camping and this can be modified to suit your own individual needs.

Sleeping Quarters
Cooking Equipment
Personal Hygiene
First Aid
Miscellaneous Items

By devising a checklist similar to the one above, whilst you may need to modify it here and there to suit your own specific needs, such a checklist will enable you to keep dry and stay warm, help you build a fire for additional warmth and for cooking and prepare you for any minor emergencies that might occur.
However, what you will take will ultimately depend on the type of camping trip you’re making, how you’re getting there and how long you’re going for. A wilderness expedition up in the mountains in winter is obviously not going to be the same as a family visit to an organised campsite with a shop, its own toilets and shower facilities.
Therefore, careful planning of your list and having someone to go through it with you and to check off that each item has been carefully stowed and packed will reduce the chances of you forgetting any vital piece of equipment or other items that will make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable and you’ll also be better prepared for most eventualities.


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