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Planet Barbecue, 1 Rolle Street Tel: 01271 378887 Click Here


Cassies Camping, Rolle Quay, Barnstaple Tel: 01271 346198
No Sweat, 20, High St, Barnstaple Tel: 01271 325862
Millets, 91, High St, Barnstaple Tel: 01271 342937


Barbecue Tips and Advice sponsored by The Range.. Click here to visit the website. Charcoal V Gas | Equipment Tips | Party Games | Tools | Useful Tips


BBQ Equipment Tips

A clean grill is essential. For best results burn off at full temperature for 10 minutes then scrape away the charred remains finishing with a wire brush, allow to cool and wip over with a little vegetable oil.

Preparation and Cleaning
Remove the base rock and racks, scrape out any debris from last season. To prevent grease marking the patio, this is best done on the lawn. Alternatively, if the rocks or bricks are very greasy, turn them over and burn off the residue. Then replace, according to manufacturers instructions.

Spark ignition failure is a common occurrence after the winter break. To rectify the problem you should:

Check the ignition cable is pushed well onto the connections at both ends. Clean the tip of the ignitor and the area around it
If the barbecue still fails to light, try lighting it manually according to the manufacturers instructions. If successful, this will confirm that the problem lies with the ignitor

Brush the holes in the burner with a stiff brush to remove any build up of grease. As spiders seem to be attracted to barbecues, check for webs and eggs as these can restrict the gas and airflow.

Check the gas supply pipes and if you see cuts and cracks have them replaced by a Calor Gas dealer.
Sometimes problems are experienced with flare up. This can be identified as a yellow tipped creeping flame, often with a smoky tip. In many cases this is due to low pressure, caused by dirty or blocked burner parts, or in some cases, dirt and grease around the area of the gas jets. Cleaning will generally rectify this

Before placing food on the barbecue for the first time, give the barbecue a good burn off for ten minutes then wipe with clean vegetable oil. This will burn onto the grill or griddle and reduce the likelihood of food sticking.

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